About Me..

Hello and thank you for visiting.
Just a little background about my spiritual journey. I was born in a small town in Virginia in 1958. I was raised by a devout Catholic father and a Methodist mother.  I was always intrigued by the ritualistic ceremony of the Catholic mass.  Even as a child I had the ability to "know" when something was about to happen, or "talk to those who had crossed over. For example: When I was around the age of  7 my favorite priest passed away. My father took me to the church to view his body. He was laid in state like the Pope..no casket.  While walking up to him I noticed he smiled and then sat up and spoke to me, & I answered him.  My father asked who I was talking to and I told him very nonchalantly, "Father Finnegan".  Daddy took me by the hand and we left the church, all the while he is firmly saying to me "we don't want to tell anybody about that". I didn't understand why...at that time anyway.  
In my teens, I started reading about & studying different cultures and belief systems.
I have a deep respect for all spiritual belief systems and cultures,  as they are ultimat
ely leading to the one source.."God, , Goddess Universe, Source or Creator" however you choose to identify it. Some people like to believe that psychics are anti-Christian,  as for me, I assure you I am not, I feel a very strong connection with Jesus and love him deeply!
I have traveled throughout the US many times offering my gifts to those who have invited me. I have offered and been invited to work with law enforcement on murder cases, missing persons situations and other law related incidents.

In addition, I am an Ordained Minister, Accomplished Artist, Teacher, Reiki Master, Mentor and  successfully produced a metaphysical festival for several years. Currently
, I am writing my autobiography / spiritual journey.

Since early childhood, I have been compelled to help people. Through the gifts I have been blessed with, I am happy that I have been able to help and guide many with and along their life path & spiritual journey. ,

I recognize at all times that my gifts are a great blessing from the Creator and I NEVER waiver from acknowledging this truth!  I like to approach life and people with a nonjudgmental mentality. I believe we are all ONE and that whatever  we do to another we do to ourselves.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a principle I live by.

It is with great humbleness and gratitude that I offer these God-given abilities to all who seek alternative ways for guidance, insight and healing      ~ MAY BLESSINGS FOLLOW YOU DAILY~ THERESE