Blessings and Welcome To  My "Sight"~
I would like to offer to you..the seeker, my gift of Psychic sight.  As well as many other opportunities to enhance your life path and help you learn more about your spiritual path. 
This journey has many challenges that we face daily. That is why I would like to offer you my gifts to "see"  what lies ahead and  to "talk" to those who have left their human incarnation and gone to a greater place.

You Can Choose From:
* Psychic readings
* Spirit communications
* Past life regressions
* Spiritual Advisement
* House Clearings ( removing unwanted or trapped spirits)
* House blessings
* Healing  ( Reiki, healing with color & crystals, Angelic guidance work  and channeled healing).

* Classes include:
  ~ How to develop your psychic ability
  ~ Meditation
  ~ How to read the Tarot

I am also available for fundraisers, special events, and Psychic parties in your home. If travel is over 100 miles outside my hometown or to another state, I require and appreciate  transportation, lodging and meals to be provided and paid for in advance by the person or organization sponsoring the event.